Why Recycle?

From protecting forests to curbing climate, recycled paper use is essential for sustainability.
We work on the fundamental of nurturing the communities where we live and work, so that the people we serve can have a brighter future. We deploy energy conservation alternatives in a way that not only drives operational efficiency but also minimizes the effect on climate. Adopting a go-green philosophy, we have struck a perfect balance between accrued efficiency and environmental protection.


At Pragati Papers, we not only advocate paper recycling but also give corporates, raddiwala and kabadiwala in India a way to contribute towards a greener future. To help keep the environment clean and reduce landfills one can drop off their waste paper like newspapers, books and copies at our production mills and get paid for it.

Got paper waste in bulk? We’ll come, pick and pay! Please contact us at delhioffice@pragatipapers.com to know more.